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Welcome to My Back Yard! I once read that a great way to improve your eye as a photographer is to go out into your backyard every single day for a month and take at least one photo. This forces you to look for new things, look for new angles, and find new ways to photograph the same old things. I figured I'd take on this exercise (for longer than a month, though) and post the bakyard photos here on this photoblog.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ten. 06.03.04

Originally Posted on 06.03.04

I have no idea how it got to be Wednesday, June 2nd! Time is just flying by. It has been just AWFUL hot out and I have not wanted to be out in my backyard in the heat even for a minute. I mean, you go out for five minutes to take pictures and you sweat like a pig. I hate that. I did get out on 5-28 and took a bunch of photos from my back yard. Here is one of them. This is a gem of a shot because I had NO idea that this bird had a dragonfly in it's mouth until I was going through the pictures on my computer. See, I have this 2x teleconverter which I am not happy w/. I wanted it bad, but a) it makes photos blurry and/or gives them chromatic aberration, and b) auto-focus won't work when you zoom in all the way. So I was wearing my glasses that day and have to lift them up to take a photo (or else I can't see the whole image to frame it properly) and the diopter doesn't turn far enough to compensate for my awful vision. So I had to manual-focus with bad vision! I was pleased w/ this shot, considering all of the above. Click here for a zoomed-in view. Cam: D60.


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